Wheelchair Accessible Series

Product Description

General Features

Our wheelchair accessible wall mounted water cooler is designed to provide easy access to a refreshing drink of water for adults, children and wheelchair bound people alike. It’s unique design and the ability to be mounted onto the wall at any height, make this the ideal water cooler for any application, including commercial, Educational, public access, and special needs areas.


A 1.2 Metre cordset with 3 pin plug is provided. The wheelchair accessible water coolers do not have any specialised power requirements and can be plugged into any 240V 50Hz single phase GPO.

The water cooler is fitted with a 1.5M power cord which connects to any standard 240V 1PH 50Hz power outlet.


Width 483mm, Height 500mm, Length 460mm, Weight 23.2Kg



Both the cabinet panels and the one piece top are constructed from high grade stainless steel. This extremely strong material provides both significant structural integrity and vandal resistance


Silver/Stainless Steel

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