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Filtering water can be done through a number of techniques. Whether you choose to utilize a filter or not has a great impact on the overall quality of water you consume. Generally, the point of installing a water filter is to enhance the hygiene, taste and also aesthetics of the liquid itself.

Choosing what filter is best for your needs means knowing exactly the level of purity that you’re wanting to achieve. Are you looking to reduce contaminants in the water? Who is going to be using it? Essentially, the more money you choose to invest in a filter, the higher the purity of the water that comes out the other end.

  • Would a filter with a refillable bottle on the top be more efficient?
  • Would a plumbed-in (POU) unit be more convenient?
  • Are you looking for an option that removes fluoride?

Carbon Block (CB) filters are designed to eliminate contaminants such as tastes, sediments, chlorine, smells etc. These work through an established technology that allows absorption of these compounds to effectively remove them, as well as any additional harmful contaminants.

If the design is made out of Activated Carbon (AC), a highly porous material with a large surface area attracts chemical pollutants. These are most useful for removing organic compounds.

UV (Ultra Violet) designs are for water coolers that are linked through to the mains supply. These are designed to offer a method of eliminated biologically unsafe contaminants in the water, killing most of the bacteria and viruses that pass through the system. These, however, do not remove pollutants that are formed from chemicals (you need to use a CB (Carbon Block) filter for this).

TIP: After filtering water, you should always aim to consume it within a short time period.

Staying well-hydrated is crucial to our well-being. With our range of units, drinking lots of fluids will come easy to every environment.

Filters such as the RO (Reverses Osmosis) are designed to combat complex chemicals and reduce their presence within the water. The success rate for this is approximately 98%, offering consumers an advantageous method of cleansing their drinking water. Additionally, water ionizers can be added to specifically improve your overall health.

RO systems operate by pushing water up against a semi-permeable membrane, which is created to stop contaminants from gaining access. During this stage, lead and asbestos (and other contaminants) are removed. More than 70% of Australians are currently concerned about the health of their water, and choose to utilize systems such as these, thus becoming an increasingly popular way to filter your drinking water.


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