Privacy Policy


Protecting your personal privacy is very important to us. We hope the following statement will help you understand how PuriTec collects, uses and safeguards the personal information you provide to us. Specifics about what information is collected and how it is used follows this Privacy Policy Statement.

Your personal privacy is a principal concern to us at PuriTec Our goal in outlining our policy on the collection and use of customer data is to ensure the highest level of confidentiality and security. When you provide your personal information to any PuriTec site we will not give or sell your personal information to any outside company for its use in marketing or solicitation. We will maintain the confidentiality of your personal information and it will be used only to support your customer relationship with our business, assisting us in providing better and more targeted services to you. Additionally, internal practices are in place to help protect your privacy by limiting employee access to and use of customer data. When PuriTec asks for customer information, it is done with the goal of improving the relationship between a PuriTec representative and the customer. At PuriTec, we allow our customers to maintain control over their personal data while attempting to provide a more interactive online experience. Our intention is to send e-mail only to customers who have chosen to receive such e-mails. At any time, you have the right to decline receiving future communications in any manner, including email, fax, telephone and postal mail.

Privacy Policies
Credit card information

Puritec also collects credit card information from you to process purchases from the site. Reputable third-party financial institutions handle our credit card transactions.

Whenever you transmit credit card information and other personal information through our site, the numbers and letters are scrambled using encryption technology, making it virtually impossible for the information to be stolen or intercepted. To protect your security, we do not allow you to store your credit card number from session to session

Information Collection
When you browse any PuriTec Web site, you do so anonymously. Personal information — including your e-mail address — is not collected. Some of our Web sites, however, may request that you voluntarily supply us with personal information, including your E-mail address for purposes such as correspondence, site registration, or making a purchase. We may ask for your name, e-mail address, telephone number, mailing address and birth date. Other optional information may be asked (customer preference information, social security numbers, lifestyle interests, and other demographic information) that is needed to register or subscribe you to services or offers that you may have requested.

Like many other commercial Web sites, PuriTec may use a standard technology called a “cookie” to collect information about how our site is used. Please read About Cookies for more information.

We collect only information that is needed, and we tell the customer how we use it. We limit the collection of information about our customers to what we need to know to manage their membership, to provide customer service, to offer new products and services, and to fulfill any legal and regulatory requirements. We tell our customers about the general uses of information we collect about them, and we will provide additional explanation if requested. We give our customers choices about how their data will be used. On a regular basis, we provide our Customers the ability to decline any or all future email communications. Customers may also decide if and how they wish to be contacted via other communication media. We give Customers access to their data online. A customer may change, update or add additional information about themselves at any time through our office, or web sites, which offer this feature. The Customers can still change their data profile by contacting the Main office. All PuriTec websites will provide this feature in the near future.

We ensure information quality. We use advanced technology and well-defined employee practices to help ensure that customer data is processed promptly, accurately and completely.

We use information security safeguards. Access to customer data is limited to those who specifically need it to conduct their business responsibilities. We use security techniques designed to protect our customer data — especially that data which is used by employees and business partners to fulfill customer services. We limit the release of customer information. In addition to providing Customers with the opportunity to refuse marketing offers, we release information only at the customers’ requests, or when required to do so by law or other regulatory authority. When a court order or subpoena requires us to release information, we notify the customer directly so that his/her legal rights can be exercised, if appropriate. The only exceptions to this policy are when we are prohibited by court order or law from notifying the customer, or cases in which fraud and/or criminal activity is suspected.

We hold employees responsible for our privacy principles. Each PuriTec employee is personally responsible for maintaining customer confidentiality. All PuriTec employees are required to sign an agreement that they will comply with these policies. Employees who violate these policies are subject to disciplinary action, up to and including dismissal. Employees are expected to report violations — and may do so confidentially — to their managers or other supervisors. PuriTec has an employee who has been assigned the responsibility for assuring the adherence to PuriTec’s privacy policy. Check this web site for this contact. The PuriTec Corporate Headquarters can be contacted at the following email address: mail to:

Information Use
If you provide us with your E-mail address, or have done so in the past, we may send you E-mail offers or newsletters. These offers or newsletters are based on information you provided in your customer application, registration forms, in surveys, from information that may indicate purchasing preferences and lifestyle, as well as information available from external sources, such as census bureau data. These E-mail offers will come from a PuriTec site only. Your information or email address is never sold to a third party. All offers are carefully developed to guarantee that they meet our standards. Our goal is to target offers to Customers who will find them of value.

The data you provide is used to enhance the services and offers we bring you. As a result of providing personal information, PuriTec can provide a more customized online experience, making your interaction with us more productive, helpful and fun. You can also expect to receive occasional communications targeted directly toward your lifestyle interests.

Declining E-mail Offers – PuriTec provides Customers with an easy means to decline receiving E-mail offers and recognizes the importance of providing you with choices. At any time, you may request to discontinue receiving these offers from us by simply replying to the E-mail address included in every e-mail message you receive from PuriTec.

Activity Tracking We do monitor URL click-throughs found in our email messages. The click-through rate is reviewed in order to: track participation in order to judge effectiveness and to track customer interests; track response rates for marketing purposes or to report to a client in aggregate form only. Individual activity is never shared with employees or third parties.

PuriTec does not knowingly solicit data from children, and we will not knowingly market to children. PuriTec defines children as anyone less than 18 years of age.

What else should I know about my privacy?
Third party Internet sites and services accessible through PuriTec have separate privacy and data collection practices, independent of us. PuriTec has no responsibility or liability for these independent policies or actions. You are solely responsible for maintaining the secrecy of your passwords, ID, or any account information. Please be careful and responsible whenever you are online. If you post personal information online that is accessible to the public, you may receive unsolicited messages from other parties in return. While we aim to protect your personal information, PuriTec cannot ensure or warrant the security of any information you transmit to us, and you do so at your own risk. While each PuriTec site puts forth its best efforts in adhering to these minimum privacy standards, additional restrictions may be imposed to comply with state and local laws, and/or station specific programs, products and services.

A Word About Cookies
Cookies were originally designed to help a Web site distinguish a user’s browser as a previous visitor and thus save and remember any preferences that may have been set while the user was browsing the site. A cookie is a small string of text that a Web site can send to your browser. A cookie cannot retrieve any other data from your hard drive, pass on computer viruses, or capture your E-mail address. Currently, Web sites use cookies to enhance the user’s visit; in general, cookies can securely store a user’s ID and password, personalize home pages, identify which parts of a site have been visited or keep track of selections in a “shopping cart.”

If you are just browsing a PuriTec Web site, a cookie identifies only your browser. If you sign up for a free email account at one of our participating sites, a cookie is issued for security purposes. The cookie is set when you login and times out 30 minutes after your last interaction with your email account. After you are logged out (manually or by the cookie) the cookie is rendered invalid and goes away when your cache is cleared. This type of security measure is useful for individuals who share a machine or use a public machine. If you become a registered user on a PuriTec Web site (with a designated user ID and password), we may use cookies so that we can provide personalized information that we believe will be of value to you based on preferences you have stated while visiting the site. It is possible to set your browser to inform you when a cookie is being placed — this way; you have the opportunity to decide whether to accept the cookie. If you are just browsing one of our sites and are not a registered user, you do not have to accept a cookie and you may still continue utilizing the site, though you might not be able to experience the site to fullest extent. Here is how to set your cookie preferences: Netscape Navigator 3:

Select Network Preferences from the Options menu. From the Network Preferences menu, select the Protocols tab and modify your preference if you wish to be warned before accepting cookies. Netscape Navigator 4: Select Preferences from the Edit menu. From the Preferences menu, select Advanced, and several options for cookies will be listed in the lower right of the menu. Additionally, you may select Help for more details. For further information about the Netscape browser and use of cookies, visit Netscape’s Web site. Microsoft Internet Explorer 3: Select Options from the View menu. Choose the Advanced menu to modify your preference if you wish to be warned before accepting cookies. Microsoft Internet Explorer 4: Select Options from the View menu. Choose the Advanced menu and scroll to the section labeled “Cookies,” where several options are listed. For further information about the Microsoft Internet Explorer browser and use of cookies, visit Microsoft’s Web site. AOL: If you are using AOL v3.0 for Windows 95: Select Preferences from the Members menu. Click on the WWW icon and select Advanced. Modify your preference if you wish to be warned before accepting cookies. If you are using the following AOL browsers, you will not be able to set cookie preferences since these browsers automatically accept cookies: AOL v3.0 for Windows 3.0, using AOL’s proprietary browser or AOL’s version of Microsoft Internet Explorer v3.0; AOL for the MAC, using AOL’s version of Microsoft Internet Explorer 2.1. All other earlier versions of AOL browsers do not support cookies, and therefore cannot authenticate you as a registered user on PuriTec Web sites that involve sending or receiving personal account information.