Top-Quality Industrial Reverse Osmosis Systems

Royal Springs supplies industrial and commercial plumbed in water fountains and coolers that are designed to provide you with fresh and pure filtered water at the lowest possible costs! These units are suitable for providing refreshments, as well as assuring the quality of water that’s used for food preparation or other hygiene sensitive processes.

Industrial systems to provide the cleanest and safest water

Our reverse osmosis systems are highly effective at removing impurities treating water and producing fresh potable water. These units can reduce up to 99% of mineral salts, organics and many other types of particles. Many of our products are available for purchase or for rent. If you choose to rent our units, you can enjoy paying a very competitive fixed annual rate. To find out more about our rental products and rates, please visit out purchase or rent page.

How reverse osmosis works for industrial applications

Most industrial reverse osmosis systems work by forcing water under pressure through a semi-permeable membrane. A pump is utilised to apply pressure to the solution and thus allowing it to go through the membrane while molecules, ions and other effluent materials cannot pass. This method of purification is most commonly known for its use in producing fresh potable H2O out of seawater, but it is also very efficient in purifying tap water and other types of solutions.

Browse our extensive range of industrial sized coolers below and find the product to suit your needs and budget too. At Royal Springs we don’t just provide our clients with affordable products they can rent or buy, we also offer regular maintenance and servicing of our units, to ensure your system will last you for many years to come.

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