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Royal Springs Water System Savings Calculator

Annual rental cost of the spring water machine
you currently use…
Average cost is $150.00

What you pay now for one 15 litre bottle of spring water. Average cost is $11.50

Number of bottles you use in 1 week.

Pick the payment plan which best suits you.
Your complete Royal Springs Water System,
including the following benefits
– an unlimited water supply,
– no risk of work place injuries
– no lifting of heavy bottles
– no weely ordering and receiving
– no paying for water
– no sharing of heavy bottles
– no running out of water in Summercan cost as little as $520.00 ($10.00 Ave P/W) $1.42 P.D.

No. of payments over 1yr
1 x $520.00

2 x $266.50

3 x $182.00

4 x $139.75

12 x $47.66

Amount saved per year with Royal Springs $