Bench-Top Tap Connected Water Filter

Product Description

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Bench Top System

All bench top water filters come with diverter valves standard. These can be fitted to most taps.

There is a supplied gender converter and adaptor supplied for this.

You can also attach these bench top filters to your tap using push on rubber sockets which make these bench top filters truly movable as they can then be attached to any tap.

There are two types of bench top filters suitable for town or rural water supply water filters.

If you are on Tank Water – There is only one type of bench top water filter suitable for tank water supply. This filter is Giardia and Cryptosporidium safe, however IT WILL NOT REMOVE MICROBIOLOGICAL IMPURITIES such as E-coli and bacteria.

The type of filter supplied with this sytem and includet in the purchase price (valued at $88.00) see an example at CB 1micron Activated Carbon Filter