AN1 Filter (Open Top Water Cooler Filter)

AN1 filter

Product Description

The AN1 filter has been specifically designed to compliment our biggest selling bottle top water coolers, (B5, SB5 and B10 Series) and they will also fit many other bottle top products including wells, crocks and other models of water cooler. These gravity filters utilise Silver Impregnated, Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) to reduce chemicals, tastes, odours and water borne sediments in your drinking water before the water is into the water cooler.

Specifically designed for B5, SB5 and B10 Series and open top water coolers but can be used for any mains connected POU water cooler/dispenser.

Designed for:

Chemical reduction

Sediment reduction

Taste and Odour reduction

Simple installation and operation; drop onto top of cooler and place full water bottle on top

Filter life will depend on water quality but as a general guide each filter will last around 6 months.

Type of filters to choose from:

Single 10 System 1 micron Quick Connect (By Aquanet) which reduces chlorine, lead, turbidity, cysts and other contaminants down to 1.0 micron.The quick connect design makes this a hygienic and easy to service option. Reduces chlorine, lead, turbidity and cysts. 1.0 micron filtration.

Twin Filtration System (By Aquanet). This Chemical reduction twin system fits neatly under sink or behind a POU or mains pressure water cooler.