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Quality Water

Quality water

Our range of products are of the highest industry standards, ensuring anyone who consumes water that is filtered by Royal Springs knows they are consuming an elite, high quality consumable unmatched by our competitors.

Rent water cooler

Rent Water Coolers

The best way to be apart of the Royal Springs family. Our rental agreements have been leading the water filtration community as it is a whole package deal; servicing, maintenance, replacements and more, all included in one annual rental price- no hidden fees and no extra charges!

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buy water cooler

Buy Water Coolers

For those who want to own their own, we provide you with all the information needed about owning your own watercooler. We can also provide your on-going maintenance and services at an extra cost!

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Not sure where to start? Have a few questions that need clarifying? We are available Monday- Friday, 9am-5pm to help you over the phone and talk one-on-one with you about your water filtration needs!

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Who Are We?

An Australian owned, family run company stretching across 3 generations;

our mission is to provide Australians with the cleanest and most accessible

drinking water in every workplace for staff and customers alike.


Providing competitive rental and purchase options for all work

environments, we can help you to find the best filtered water unit to

suit your needs.


Available throughout Victoria and based in Melbourne, our team works

diligently to help you navigate the world of filtered drinking water from

selection of units, servicing, health benefits and many more- with 25+ years

of leading industry experience we aim to bring Australians on board to a

healthier way of living with Endless Pure Water


Filtered Water Coolers For A Real Investment In Your Health

Water is the fundamental component to life on Earth; and our bodies are

primarily made up of it. With modern living promoting the use of easy and

accessible water through the purchase of bottled water, we have created a

mass environmental problem that damages our eco-system because of one

harmful product; plastic.



Because water is an integral part of life, most of the developed world has

access to relatively consumable water, however the quality is not always what

it seems in most parts of the world. So, between buying expensive company

made and manufactured water, or consuming free but questionable quality

tap water, the only logical conclusion is to ensure that we have unlimited

access to clean filtered drinking water through the use of filtration systems.



Taking any tap water supply and being able to filter out all the nasty

impurities, Royal Springs was born in Melbourne to ensure that we could

bring this vision to Australians, allowing an Endless Pure Water supply 24/7.

Our main target audience is the workforce, because we spend almost a third

of our entire lives working, so we need to make sure that we have access to

clean filtered water every day that we are on the job.



To execute this vision, we came up with a plan that even our competitors

have used over the last 25+ years to make this as accessible as possible to

almost every Australian business.


We offer 7-day free trials, so that you can try out our product to be 100%

certain that you are happy before committing, we offer flexible payment

contracts, all services associated with your unit is handled by us; installation,

services,  call outs, replacements +more, you know that you are in good

hands, the cheapest way to have access to clean, filtered drinking water

without ever running out, fast and reliable service within 48 hours


Our filtration systems on our website are designed to keep you, colleagues,

patients, family friends and the general community healthy and hydrated in

the best possible way. And that is our promise to you!

Our Water Cooler Systems  are Trusted by:

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