Whole of House water filter system


Product Description

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Health Guard 200 is a Whole of House water filter system. It helps guard your health and your home

No more smelly, foulchlorinetasting water.
Your skin will feel great. Helps relieve skin complaints and allergies caused by
Your clothes will feel and smell better and will last longer
Its environmentally friendly, as you use less soap powders, shampoos and cleaning
Home appliances last longer including your hot water system, dishwasher, washing
machines, iron, kettle and air conditioner.

Its easy to be on guard for your familys health with Australian made Health Guard 200, which comes with a 5 year warranty. This durable unit will be installed by a qualified plumber. Then Royal Springs will service your unit every 6-12 months and change the filters so your unit is always performing at its best .