UBC Under Bench Cold


Product Description


Under Bench Water Coolers (UB Series) (available with filters and separate faucet not shown). Where floor space is a premium our Under Bench Water Coolers can be installed”out of sight”, usually under a kitchen sink. Three different capacities are available
Available in the following capacities 5, 8 and 15 litre per hour (&more see under products.)
All of which can be connected to filtration equipment
Typical filter system used is Eco 2 Unit (two filters) See under filters.

Benefits of this product include:

No storing of heavy 15 Lt. so
Called”Spring Water Bottles.”
No paying for bottled Spring Water.
No risk of work-place injury from
Lifting heavy bottles.
No running out of so-called spring water in the summer.
Free installation.
No weekly ordering or accepting deliveries.
One size does not fit all, therefore we have different sizes of UBC’s available: For small to medium size business see: Domestic&SOHO

For medium to midsize business sse at: Heavy duty application