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Royal Springs is a reliable Australian supplier of filtered cooler solutions. We have everything from water coolers, boilers, bubbler units and water filters, and we offer our quality products for rent or for purchase. Whether you are looking for home or office bubblers, we have them all, including bench top units, mains connected coolers, and bottled chillers.

Ensure your family always has fresh, filtered water on tap

Many Australians these days rely too heavily on sweet drinks and beverages for hydration. Although drinking fresh and unsweetened fruit juices might sound like a healthy option, these drinks can often be highly calorific and do not benefit your body as much, because along with hydration, they carry particles which need to be filtered out and expelled with more liquid, and so the cycle goes on.

We all know that our body consists of 70% H2O and our brains of up to 90%. Staying well hydrated can greatly improve our well-being and helps people eat less, get rid of headaches and improve brain function. Many health experts recommend that we drink at least 2 litres every day, which is the equivalent of 8x 250ml glasses. Of course, you don’t have to go and refill a small glass eight or more times a day; filling up a good BPA-free bottle at the cooler will also suffice.

Royal Springs can help you offer your family, guests, students and staff members easy access to clean, fresh and purified liquids at all times. We supply high quality water dispensers, filters and coolers to clients across Sydney, so please browse our fantastic range now.

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