RP Round Mains Connect Available Both As Cool And Cold And Hot & Cold


Product Description

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AQC RP ROUND HOT&COLD Freestanding BOTTLELESS WATER POU Mains connected round water cooler.

Designed and manufactured to suit home or office environments where a mains connected water cooler is required.

Ideally suited for connection to most filtration systems.

Modern Round is available in Cook&Cold and Hot&Cold (white&granite)

This automatic water cooler unit requires a filter system. We recommend this filter(s) to be connected to the in-line water feed. See a typical example at – filters


All dispensers have stainless steel tanks that hold approximately 1.8

litres of chilled water during normal usage. Each has a chilling

capacity of 5 l.p.h. during peak periods.


The stainless steel hot water tank is fitted with a high performance

575-watt band heater. This model delivers 50 cups (150ml) of hot

water per hour at approximately 90 0 C. Hot tanks have drains fitted

for easy cleaning and sanitisation. It is very easy to remove for

service if required. Each tank has its components swaged together.

As no fusion welding is used, the occurrence of pitting, crevice or

galvanic corrosion is prevented.


The system uses 40gms of R134a refrigerant, which is non-toxic,

non-flammable and is environmentally friendly. A capillary tube,

which has no moving parts, controls refrigerant flow.


A factory pre-set thermostat controls the temperature of water in the

cold tank. The water temperature in the hot tank is controlled by a

mechanical thermostat set to approximately 85 0 C.


1/16 h.p. capacity 49 watts. The compressor is hermetically sealed

for silent running.


All steel tube and wire construction.


1/16 h.p. capacity 49 watts. The compressor is hermetically sealed

for silent running.


All steel tube and wire construction.


240 volts, 50Hz. A 2 metre house cable and 3 pin plug are



To ARI 1010-94 Standard





Width – 370mm Container Capacity

Depth – 320mm 20ft – 216 units

Height – 970mm 40ft – 430 units


Twelve months comprehensive coverage.

Five years for compressor replacement

pstyle9. We use, recommend and supply the Full Range of Aqua Coolers products

pstyle9. Round Modern Range

B17-11 Free-standing Hot&Cold Spike Top
B17-11G Free-standing Hot&Cold Spike Top (Granite)
B17-11T Free-standing Hot&Cold Spike Top (Titanium)

B17-12 Free-standing Hot&Cold Probe Top
B17-12G Free-standing Hot&Cold Probe Top (Granite)
B17-12T Free-standing Hot&Cold Probe Top (Titanium)

B18-11 Free-standing Cook&Cold Spike Top
B18-11G Free-standing Cook&Cold Spike Top (Granite)
B18-11T Free-standing Cook&Cold Spike Top (Titanium)

B18-12 Free-standing Cook&Cold Probe Top
B18-12G Free-standing Cook&Cold Probe Top (Granite)
B18-12T Free-standing Cook&Cold Probe Top (Titanium)

style91 M-Series Drinking Fountains
style91M2 Light Duty Bubbler Only (10 lph)
style91M3 Light Duty Bubbler&Glass Filler (10 lph)

style91M4 Medium Duty Bubbler Only (19 lph) style91M5 Medium Duty Bubbler&Glass Filler (19 lph) style91M10 Heavy Duty Bubbler Only (26 lph) style91M11 Heavy Duty Bubbler&Glass Filler (26 lph) Options Available: style91 Stainless Steel Cabinets and Internal Filters
pstyle9. In-Built Wall Recessed
IBWR Full Stainless Steel Cabinet (26 lph)

pstyle9. Wall Remote
WR45 Remote Water Cooler (26 lph

pstyle9. Round Point-Of-Use
RP2 Round Free-standing Cook&Cold
RP2G Round Free-standing Cook&Cold (Granite)

RP3 Round Free-standing Hot&Cold
RP3G Round Free-standing Hot&Cold (Granite)

pstyle9. Bench Top Water Coolers

B22-11 Cook&Cold Spike Top Plastic Grey Cabinet
B22-12 Cook&Cold Probe Top Plastic Grey Cabinet

style91 Square Modern Range

pstyle9. B19-11G Free-standing Hot&Cold Spike Top (Granite)
B19-12G Free-standing Hot&Cold Probe Top (Granite)

B20-11G Free-standing Cook&Cold Spike Top (Granite)
B20-12G Free-standing Cook&Cold Probe Top (Granite)

pstyle9. Cup Dispensers&Brackets
C-134 Blue Cup Dispenser (box of 10)
C-132 Grey Cup Dispenser (box of 10)
C-137 Black Cup Dispenser (box of 10)

C-112 White Dispenser Bracket
C-123 Black Dispenser Bracket
C-142 Grey Dispenser Bracket

style91 Ceramic Dispenser&Stand
style91C-109 Blue Stripe Ceramic Water Dispenser

pstyle9. Cooler Clean Spray&Rinse (Sanitisation)
C-160 Cooler Clean Spray 100ml (box of 12)
C-161 Cooler Clean Rinse 500ml (box of 6)

pstyle9. Bottles Stacker
C-100 Blue Bottle Stacker

style91 WM2 Bubbler Only (8 lph)
style91WM3 Bubbler&Glass Filler (8 lph)

Options Available: style91 Stainless Steel Cabinets and Internal filters
pstyle3. Under Bench Water Coolers style91
style91UB1 Medium Duty (8 lph)
style91UB2 Heavy Duty (15 lph)
style91UB3 Light Duty (5 lph)

pstyle9. Optional Filters Available

pstyle9. Central Storage Unit
PT30 for a Series of up to 6 Bubblers (90 lph)

pstyle9. Bench Top Point Of Use
PB1 Square Bench Top Cook&Cold (Soft Grey/ Black)

pstyle9. Square Point Of Use
SP2G Square Free-standing Cook&Cold (Granite)
SP3G Square Free-standing Hot&Cold (Granite

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