Round Moulded POU Water Cooler


Product Description

These D7PCH WW water cooler are mains pressure, drain free units which provide a cost effective means of supplying Cool&Hold or Hot and Cold water without the hassle of storing and changing spring water bottles. They are also ideally suited to the addition of filtration systems.

Mains pressure (DrainFree)

Available as Cool&Cold or Hot&Cold.

Stainless steel cooling reservoir.

Accommodates a variety of water purifiers.

Optional bottle-top conversion kit also available.

Dimensions 320mm (W) x 320mm (D) x 1000mm (H)

This automatic water cooler unit requires a filter system. We recommend this filter(s) to be connected to the in-line water feed. See a typical example at – filter

Rentals are available throughout Australia:
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