Portable Alkaline Water Ioniser


Product Description

Australia’s Leading Portable Reverse Osmosis Water Filter

The Alkapod is a system that converts regular water into an alkaline and ionised solution that you can drink. This unit uses a range of energising and purifying minerals in its filter to create a silky smooth and great tasting drinking solution. The Alkapod is made of food grade, stainless steel and its internal filter is patented and certified as safe from contamination.

Remove contaminants with our high-quality alkaline water filters

This portable reverse osmosis water filter helps to remove chlorine, bacteria and other contaminants, leaving you with healthy H2O that’s ready to drink. Choosing the alkaline alternative will help improve your body’s alkaline and acid balance. It is convenient, as you can carry it anywhere and it only takes a few moments to turn regular H2O into your very own “energy water”.

Why we need an alkaline environment

The human body requires an environment that is neither too acid nor too alkaline to work at its best. This can be measured through pH levels, with 0 being the most acidic and 14 the most alkaline. In recent years our bodies have become too acidic, a result of poor diet and not enough exercise. When you drink alkalised fluids, you can help your body maintain a healthy pH level of around 7. 35 to 7.45, thus improving your general well-being.

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