Mains Connected Water Cooler


Product Description

Mains connected POU Water Cooler for the Supply of Purified Ambient&Cold Water.

This automatic water cooler unit requires a filter system. We recommend this filter(s) to be connected to the in-line water feed. See a typical example at – filters


Attaches directly to your mains water source.
Accommodates a variety of water
purification devises.
We will advise, recommend and select the purification solution most
suitable for your needs.
Never requires refilling or replenishing.
Large hidden extra large (12.5 Lt cold storage tank)
Easily cleaned and sanitized by our specially trained Health and Safety
service personnel.
Air filter system protects water from air-borne contaminants.
Available Both as Hot&Cold, or Cool (room temperature) and Cold.
Available both, as a Floor standing or Counter top,
Removable drip tray eliminates drainpipe connection to waste.
Fully recessed easy to clean alcove
Fast flow taps levers with high clearance for quick and easy water
For the hot&Cold version, hot water safety taps.
Hideaway user friendly controls.
Unique”functions status display”lamps.
Enviable serviceability.
Uses HFC-134a refrigerant.
Cloud white finish
UV protected ridged plastic and powder painted steel cabinet.

Tap 1 Room temperature 09 Celsius. appproximatly.
Tap 2 19c approx.
H&C unit Hot Tap 92 Celsius.
Hot water delivery:
45 × 170 ml. cups per hour

310 mm W x 310 mm D x 1040 mm H
Shipping weight 20 kg aproximatly.

Air Filter:
Located on the float assembly for easy access. The air filter contains a replaceable filter disc with a 1 micron membrane.

Float Assembly:
One stage polyethylene float system incorporates a primary float valve witch maintains the water level in the reservoir and shuts off when full.

adjustable and user friendly. Readily accessible at the side of the cabinet.

220 Volts 50 Hz single phase. A 1.8 meter house cable and 3 pin plug is supplied. Full load current is 15 amps.

The specifications of this coolers are manufactured to comply with the standards of underwriters laboratories

Service and/or maintenance: We can arrange to service this equipment (we recommend two times P.A.) for you
Please enquire at our very reasonable price. POA

Most of our equipment is available for Rent.
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