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Royal Springs is Australias largest supplier of quality water coolers, water cooler dispensers, water cooler filters, filtered office watercoolers and Bubblers. Our filters water coolers not only save you money

Our selection of water cooler solutions are the easiest way to have Endless Pure Filtered Drinking Water on tap –

Our quality water coolers & dispensers, water filters and water cooler related products are available throughout Australia for either Rent, Service or Purchase.

We offer the most comprehensive selection of Office Water Coolers and and Home Water Coolers our under bench mains connected water cooler filters source the best available water chillers and water filtration products from the most reputable manufacturers and water cooler suppliers available. With our water coolers you not only save but our water coolers are the easiest way to have continuous fresh filtered water, filtered from either our bottle filters or ourMains connected Bubbler and water cooler chilling units All of our instant hot water dispenserchilled water dispenser, our Waterworks, Aqua Cooler and Aquaport water dispensers and our filtered water coolers and water filter products represent excellent value for money. You can Rent or Purchase your water cooler and filters. For an informed decision, go to Purchase your Filtered Water Cooler or Rent- that is the Question

We offer personalized water cooler and water filter supply & service throughout Australia-

An example of some of the products and services we offer, see how we can service your own equipment we showcase on this site office water coolers or for the dispensing of spring water look at our open top water coolers or so you want have to purchase spring water see our cooler with a filter inside the bottle at SOHO Water Cooler or the fully automatic Commercial no bottle water cooling and filter unit the Domestic water coolers , or Commercial water coolers and for your factory see our Industrial reverse osmosis units and water filters, Domestic & Commercialwater coolers with In line filters storage or Bubbler water cooler and dispensing units, Counter top tap connected water purifiers, see them at Water filters and Under bench water filter for use with UBC the under the bench water coolers. For the installation of the equipment and all of the parts required see it at Parts or if you got a problem then first go to water cooler Repairs,&Maintenance.

We offer full Warranty on all of our products.


There are three main types of filtered water cooler systems available-

The first type of water cooler is the “place anywhere” re-fill bottle type of unit (see an example atDomestic and SOHO type Bottle Filter units. This unit you can place anywhere, all you need is a power point. To get water you are require to top up the filter bottle (see more detail at Filter BottleThe bottle has an opening on top covered with a lid for this simple task of filling, we supply you with a 5 Lt. Re-fill bottle. You fill it at the nearest tap, hand wash basin or the like and fill the cooler’s filter bottle.

The second type is the standard floor and counter-top water coolers. They are connected to the tap under the sink or units with filters either inside the water cooler or under the sink. They come in a variety of styles. For details check out our water Cooler pages: Office water Coolers, Domestic Water Coolers and School Water Coolers. See the largest collections available in Australia on our site under water coolers

The third is the UBC or Under the bench water cooler with a tap on the sink (see on example on” ” UBC Under the Bench Filtered Water Cooler

How does the Filtration Systems work?

The standard Eco2 dual filtration system utilizes a pre-filter sediment cartridge and a 1 Micron cyst-rated carbon block chemical reduction cartridge. This unique system offers the ideal solution for filtering out unwanted pollutants (see an example of filters at Eco2 Filters

Water filter questions-What is a Micron?

With our rented water coolers, we recommend and use one Micron filters. One Micron is equivalent to one-millionth of a meter, or 1000 Microns is equal to 1mm. It is particulate smaller than the naked eye can see. A water filter rated 1 micron can effectively remove parasitic cysts such as Giardia and cryptosporidium.

What IMPURITIES are REMOVED by the system?

Disinfectant Chlorine, Lead, Asbestos Fibres, Giardia Lamblia Cysts, Histolytica Cysts, Parvum Cysts, Cryptosporidium, Oxidised Iron, Manganese, Sulphides, Pesticides, Benzine, Nitrates, Sewerage, Solvents, Hydrocarbons, Petrol and Chlorides.

It also inhibits lime-scale build up in water-using appliances

Our Water Coolers

Service and/or filter registry for your water cooler and filter product(s)

Register any water related product (water cooler(s) filters etc.) you may have purchased from us or any other source and/or manufacturer, just send an E-mail to: contact us and advise us of your wish for us to take care of it.- for more information go to our information page at Filter reminder service

Water Cooler Rentals are available throughout Australia:

  • Melbourne
  • Geelong
  • Ballarat
  • Bendigo
  • Mornington Peninsula
  • Victoria
  • Sydney
  • Newcastle
  • Wollongong
  • New South Wales
  • Brisbane
  • Gold Coast
  • Sunshine Coast
  • Rockhampton
  • Cairns
  • Port Douglas
  • Queensland
  • Adelaide
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