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Royal Springs is Australias largest supplier of quality water coolers, water cooler dispensers and water cooler filters and Drinkin water Bubblers. Our water coolers not only save you money but our water cooler solutions are the easiest way to have endless pure filtered water on tap -

The main types of Office Water Coolers and Filtered Office Water Cooler systems available are the water coolers “place anywhere” type with re-fill bottle (see an example at Domestic and SOHO type Bottle Filter units. With his unit all you need is a power point. To get water you are require to top up the filter bottle (see more detail at Filter Bottle The bottle has an opening on top covered with a lid for this simple task of filling, we supply you with a 5 Lt. Re-fill bottle fill it at the nearest tap, hand wash basin or the like and fill the cooler’s filter bottle.

The second type is the floor and counter top coolers. They are connected usualy under the sink or units with filters either inside the water cooler or under the sink. They come in a variety of styles. For details check out our water Cooler pages: (you are now on Office water Coolers but see more on Domestic Water Coolers and School Water Coolers.

The third is the UBC or Under the bench water cooler with a tap on the sink (see on example on” ” UBC Under the Bench Filtered Water Cooler


How does the Filtration Systems work?

The standard Eco2 dual filtration system utilizes a pre-filter sediment cartridge and a 1 Micron cyst-rated carbon block chemical reduction cartridge. This unique system offers the ideal solution for filtering out unwanted pollutants (see an example of filters at Eco2 Filters

Water filter questions-What is a Micron?

With our rented water coolers, we recommend and use one Micron filters. One Micron is equivalent to one-millionth of a meter, or 1000 Microns is equal to 1mm. It is particulate smaller than the naked eye can see. A water filter rated 1 micron can effectively remove parasitic cysts such as Giardia and cryptosporidium.

What IMPURITIES are REMOVED by the system?

Disinfectant Chlorine, Lead, Asbestos Fibres, Giardia Lamblia Cysts, Histolytica Cysts, Parvum Cysts, Cryptosporidium, Oxidised Iron, Manganese, Sulphides, Pesticides, Benzine, Nitrates, Sewerage, Solvents, Hydrocarbons, Petrol and Chlorides.
It also inhibits lime-scale build up in water-using appliances

Filter Replacement & Service Reminder

Service and/or filter registry for your water cooler and filter product(s)
Register any water related product (water cooler(s) filters etc.) you may have purchased from us or any other source and/or manufacturer, just send an E-mail to: contact us and advise us of your wish for us to take care of it.- for more information go to our information page at Filter reminder service

Rental payment plan

With The Royal Springs Self Filtering water cooler rentals we charge one only low annual rate, but if required we can do quarterly or monthly PP (periodical payments) so drinking more doesn’t cost more – you can drink as much water as you want. Based on the number of employees, you should see savings of between 40 and 80%. Allow yourself to be informed and make the best decision with any of the options available to you go to- Purchase your water cooler or Rent?

Can I calculate my own savings?

Yes, if you are currently purchasing or contemplating to do so, then for an exact savings calculation check out our online calculator situated on our savings calculator page go to savings calculator and see just how much you can save with a water cooler rental from Royal Springs -“Endless Pure Water”

But prior to your purchase, please help yourself to make an informed decision and read our article published on our website Purchase your Water Coolers or Rent?

What is included in my monthly rent?

Your monthly rent includes everything:
Free delivery -
Free Installation and set-up of water cooler and filtration system- (conditions may apply)
Free By-annual replacement of all water filters (every 26 weeks)
Free Service to the equipment at your location
Peace of Mind water cooler sanitization program.
Five year price protection,
and the best of all, there are no hidden fees or charges of any kind!

What if I own my equipment?

If you own your water cooler/filter system, then we have a special water cooler and or filter service available. See more information and details at water cooler filter service

If you have an existing Contract with a Spring Water bottle Water Company and want to change! Royal Springs can find a suitable solution to help you with a stress free transition.

If you are a Domestic customer, Small or SOHO business, we do you things to suit your needs- Royal Springs has one of the largest range of water cooler and filters and we will find in our range a system to suit the many and individual needs, including competitive pricing.
If you think you don’t have the room?

As well as filtration units that fit neatly under almost any kitchen sink, Royal Springs offers bench-top, under the bench UBC and/or freestanding self-filtering water coolers.

Are the Royal Springs water products available for sale?

Yes most of our water cooler and filter equipment is available to purchase for use either Industrial, commercially or residentially. Please contact us for a complete and all inclusive quote. Purchase or Rent?

How does the water get to my cooler?

Royal Springs has made this easy. With the POU mains connected type of water cooler, our technicians run a food-grade 1/4″high pressure water line from under a sink or the nearest source of water, in most cases, directly to your cooler. The waterway is hidden inside the wall and usually runs overhead above the ceiling tiles. Sound familiar? That’s right; it sounds a lot like installing a phone or computer lane line! It’s that easy!

If your current Location is in a high rise building, a rental property or heritage building?

We are willing and can arrange for a hassle free installation, including approaching property owners/managers. If the owner/ property manager refuses renovations for installation, we have alternatives.

Who changes the filters and how do we know when they need changing?

There will be a service notice on your equipment with both, the dates of the last service and the next scheduled service. In most cases your Royal Springs POU Water Cooler Water and filtration system needs to be serviced only once a year. However for health and safety reasons we will change the filters two times a year, usually every 26 weeks. Depending on your service schedule, in most cases, we will take care of all of your maintenance as part of the service. You don’t need to do anything.

For many and varied and interesting articles go to our News and Information page at News

Water Cooler Rentals are available Melbourne
Water Cooler Rentals are available Geelong
Water Cooler Rentals are available Ballarat
Water Cooler Rentals are available Bendigo
Water Cooler Rentals are available Mornington Peninsula
Water Cooler Rentals are available Country Victoria
Water Cooler Rentals are available Sydney
Water Cooler Rentals are available Newcastle
Water Cooler Rentals are available Wollongong
Water Cooler Rentals are available Cuntry New South Wales
Water Cooler Rentals are available Brisbane
Water Cooler Rentals are available Gold Coast
Water Cooler Rentals are available Sunshine Coast
Water Cooler Rentals are available Rockhampton
Water Cooler Rentals are available Cairns
Water Cooler Rentals are available Port Douglas
Water Cooler Rentals are available Country Queensland
Water Cooler Rentals are available Adelaide
Water Cooler Rentals are available Perth
Water Cooler Rentals are available Canberra

You can contact us any time between 9am to 5 pm EST Mofay to Friday by Toll-free at 1300 55 22 66 or E-mail us at Contact Us

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