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Office water coolers

Are you looking for a great solution that allows you to provide your staff members with easy access to clean, pure and filtered water? Royal Springs supplies clients with affordable and reliable office water coolers. We have a wide range of “place-anywhere” and re-fill bottle units, so you can be sure to offer your staff member endless all natural refreshment in seconds. All you need is a power point nearby and your new system is ready to go. Our range of office water coolers also includes floor or counter top units and under bench coolers that feature a tab, which can be installed next to your sink.

If you would prefer to rent office water coolers, Royal Springs also provides units for hire. We have very competitive fixed annual rates and a wide range of rental systems, so you’re sure to find one to meet the unique demands of your office environment.

Why it is crucial to stay hydrated

Recent research has shown that not drinking enough fluids can have negative effects on our mental and physical performance. Many Australians rely too heavily on sugary drinks, which do not hydrate your body enough and just add empty calories to your diet. The human brain consists of 90% and the human body is made up of up to 70% H2O. If you want to improve your over-all wellbeing drinking plenty of water is key. Staying well hydrated will boost your immune system, help cure headaches, improve skin complexion, promote weight loss, and help you stay generally healthier.

If you want to find the ideal product to suit your needs, budget and water consume, please view our extensive range of office water coolers below.

Would you like to find out more about one of our many office water coolers? Are you interested in renting one of our products? Whatever you need assistance with, our friendly team is always happy to help.

Office Water Coolers

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