Product Description

Top-Quality Water Bubblers for Sale and Hire

Whether you want to rent or buy a unit, Royal Springs offers clients the possibility to do both. We have water bubblers for sale at very affordable rates. Our prices start at $1,556.00 including GST.

M Series Bubbler available anodised or full stainless steel

At Royal Springs our units are available in low, medium and heavy-duty capacities. We have both anodised and stainless steel units. Anodising is a process that helps to increase corrosion and wear resistance of the metal body of a bubbler unit. If you are not sure which type of unit best suits your needs, please do not hesitate to contact our friendly staff members. At Royal Springs we are always happy to provide our clients with our expert advice.

Our units can be fitted with various types of fillers, bubblers only and with stainless steel cabinets – or a combinations of all.

Water bubblers designed for durability and longevity

The M Series Bubbler is a hardwearing and sturdy self-contained unit with a variety of applications. These units can be found in schools, on construction sites, hospitals, factories and many other environments where a quality and durable bubbler is required. The low capacity unit can provide up to 10 litres per hour, our medium capacity unit 19 litres per hour and the heavy-duty one 26 litres per hour.

These coolers are available with various drinking outlets. We have units that feature only a drinking bubbler and units that come with both a bubbler and glass filler.

We also offers extras you can add to your unit, such as ad-on filters and stainless steel cabinets. At Royal Springs we don’t just sell and most of our equipment is also available for rent.

Our rental units are available in Victoria, Tasmania, New South Wales, Australian Capital Territory, Queensland, South Australia, Western Australia and Northern Territory.

For more detailed information on renting, please visit our rentals page.

M Series Bubbler’s Performance and Option Chart

Cabinet style9 Filtered style9 10 Litres Per Hour style9 1 9 style9 Litres Per Hour 26 style9 Litres Per Hour
style9 0-15 People* 1 style9 5-40 People* style9 40- 80 style9 People*
Bubbler Bubbler&Glass Filler style9 Bubbler Bubbler&Glass Filler style9 Bubbler Bubbler&Glass Filler
style28 style21 Colour-Bond style28 style28 style21 No style30 M2 style30 style20 M3 style30 M4 style30 style20 M5 style30 M10 style30 style20 M11
style28 Yes style30 M2F style30 style20 M3F style30 M4F style30 style20 M5F style30 M10F style30 style20 M11F
style21 Stainless Steel style28 style28 style21 No style30 N/A style30 style20 N/A style20 M4SS style30 style20 M5SS style30 M10SS style30 style20 M11SS
style28 Yes style30 N/A style30 style20 N/A style30 M4FSS style30 style20 M5FSS style30 M10FSS style30 M11FSS
style21 *Approximate figures only



pstyle9. We use, recommend and supply the Full Range of Aqua Coolers products

pstyle9. Round Modern Range

B17-11 Free-standing Hot&Cold Spike Top
B17-11G Free-standing Hot&Cold Spike Top (Granite)
B17-11T Free-standing Hot&Cold Spike Top (Titanium)

B17-12 Free-standing Hot&Cold Probe Top
B17-12G Free-standing Hot&Cold Probe Top (Granite)
B17-12T Free-standing Hot&Cold Probe Top (Titanium)

B18-11 Free-standing Cook&Cold Spike Top
B18-11G Free-standing Cook&Cold Spike Top (Granite)
B18-11T Free-standing Cook&Cold Spike Top (Titanium)

B18-12 Free-standing Cook&Cold Probe Top
B18-12G Free-standing Cook&Cold Probe Top (Granite)
B18-12T Free-standing Cook&Cold Probe Top (Titanium)

style91 M-Series Drinking Fountains
style91M2 Light Duty Bubbler Only (10 lph)
style91M3 Light Duty Bubbler&Glass Filler (10 lph)
style91M4 Medium Duty Bubbler Only (19 lph) style91M5 Medium Duty Bubbler&Glass Filler (19 lph) style91M10 Heavy Duty Bubbler Only (26 lph) style91M11 Heavy Duty Bubbler&Glass Filler (26 lph) Options Available: style91 Stainless Steel Cabinets and Internal Filters
pstyle9. ilt Wall Recessed
IBWR Full Stainless Steel Cabinet (26 lph)
pstyle9. all Remote
WR45 Remote Water Cooler (26 lph
pstyle9. Round Point-Of-Use
RP2 Round Free-standing Cook&Cold
RP2G Round Free-standing Cook&Cold (Granite)

RP3 Round Free-standing Hot&Cold
RP3G Round Free-standing Hot&Cold (Granite)

pstyle9. Bench Top Water Coolers

B22-11 Cook&Cold Spike Top Plastic Grey Cabinet
B22-12 Cook&Cold Probe Top Plastic Grey Cabinet

style91 Square Modern Range

pstyle9. B19-11G Free-standing Hot&Cold Spike Top (Granite)
B19-12G Free-standing Hot&Cold Probe Top (Granite)
B20-11G Free-standing Cook&Cold Spike Top (Granite)
B20-12G Free-standing Cook&Cold Probe Top (Granite)

pstyle9. Cup Dispensers&Brackets
C-134 Blue Cup Dispenser (box of 10)
C-132 Grey Cup Dispenser (box of 10)
C-137 Black Cup Dispenser (box of 10)
C-112 White Dispenser Bracket
C-123 Black Dispenser Bracket
C-142 Grey Dispenser Bracket

style91 Ceramic Dispenser&Stand
style91C-109 Blue Stripe Ceramic Water Dispenser

pstyle9. Cooler Clean Spray&Rinse (Sanitisation)
C-160 Cooler Clean Spray 100ml (box of 12)
C-161 Cooler Clean Rinse 500ml (box of 6)

pstyle9. Bottles Stacker
C-100 Blue Bottle Stacker

style91 WM2 Bubbler Only (8 lph)
style91WM3 Bubbler&Glass Filler (8 lph)

Options Available: style91 Stainless Steel Cabinets and Internal filters
pstyle3. Under Bench Water Coolers style91

style91UB1 Medium Duty (8 lph)
style91UB2 Heavy Duty (15 lph)
style91UB3 Light Duty (5 lph)

pstyle9. Optional Filters Available
pstyle9. Central Storage Unit

PT30 for a Series of up to 6 Bubblers (90 lph)