Brisbane’s Preferred Water Filters and Coolers

If you want to buy high quality water filters or coolers at reasonable prices, then we have just what you need. At Royal Springs we aim to help our clients find the ideal product for their needs and that is why we supply customisable solutions. People need water and drinking fresh, cool H20 is easy with our range of top-quality products.

A range of coolers and filters for home or office use

We have three main types of units available. The first one being the place-anywhere bottled unit. This type of dispenser can virtually be put anywhere in a room, as long as there is a power point nearby. If your bottle is empty, all you need to do is refill your bottle directly from the tap. These bottled water coolers feature filters that ensure only clean and filtered H2O will make it into your cup.

The second type of dispensers we offer are your standard standalone floor or counter top units. These types can be connected to the tap under the sink, and the filters are either in-built inside the unit or are placed under the sink. These are great for customers who don’t want to have to wait for installation or kitchen modifications.

The third type is the so-called UBC unit, which stands for under-bench-cooler. These systems are easily installed inside cupboards and underneath sinks. They feature a tap that is placed next to your sink providing you with easy access to cool or hot filtered water.

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If you would like to buy water coolers or filters in Brisbane come to the best supplier. Call our team now on 1300 55 22 66 and have a chat to us about your specific needs. We’ll help you find the right product and make the perfect purchase for your home or office.