Avalanche Domestic POU Mains Connected Water Cooler


Product Description

This small Bench Top water cooler unit is ideal where space is at a premium

Available as a Cool&Cold or as a Hot&Cold

pcontentheading. The Avalanche POU Series water coolers are bench-top, mains pressure, drain free units that provide a cost effective means of supplying Cool&Cold or Hot and Cold water without the hassle of storing and changing spring water bottles.
pcontentheading. They are ideally suited to the addition of filtration systems (for an example see filters

)and their low profile means they will fit under low overhead cupboards where other similar units will not.p. Bench-top water cooler.
Mains pressure (Drain-Free)

Available in Cool&Cold or Hot&Cold.

Optional bottle top conversion kit available

Approximately 5 litres per hour cooling performance.

Child resistant safety tap for hot water units.

Matching cup dispensers available.

Dimensions 330mm(W) x 368mm(D) x 419mm(H)

Please note: In order to dispense pure water, this automatic water cooler unit requires a filter system. We recommend this filter(s) to be connected to the in-line water feed. See a typical example at – filters

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